Bass Master Gerald Veasley "Gets Amped" by Aguilar

Renowned bassist Gerald Veasley is now exclusively using bass amps and cabinets from Aguilar Amplification. His rig of choice is the legendary DB 750 Hybrid bass head and GS 410 cabinets. In addition to being a world famous solo artist and the leader of the Heads Up Big Band, Gerald has toured and recorded with many great jazz artists, including Grover Washington Jr. and Joe Zawinul. Gerald is also the bassist featured in the Jaco Pastorius Big Band. He is a well-known jazz educator, who conducts the "Bass Boot Camp" held annually.
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The DB 750 bass head is a ground-breaking hybrid amplifier with a discrete mosfet output section and an all-tube preamp. A perfect combination of raw power and enormous headroom, the DB 750 sets the precedent for all hybrid heads. This head develops 750 watts of high fidelity tone in 4 ohms, 975 watts into 2 ohms. The GS 410 was designed to give bass players the full, punchy tone they want at any volume. Its focused sound makes this a great cabinet for all paying techniques – finger style, pick, slapping, or tapping. The efficient design of the GS 410 allows it to sound musical even at the most crushing volumes.