Bag End S12-B

The Bag End S12-B features a front-loaded 12" speaker and a rugged birch-ply cabinet with a rear-firing port.
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 We've been using the S12-B for a lot of our amp testing over the past few months, and it has proven to be a great sounding and very flexible cabinet. The S12-B sports clamps on the front baffle for easy speaker swaps, and the input connections on the back panel include 1/4" and banana jacks. The stock E-12 speaker is rated at 200 watts continuous (400 watts peak), so you can push this box quite hard with no worries about damaging anything. The S12-B weighs 42 lbs and features side-mounted handles for convenient carry. It's very well suited for clean or distorted applications, and is a great choice for guitarists who need a compact cabinet that can put out clear, well-defined sound at virtually any volume level.