Aurora 2.0 Adds Noise Modulation Synthesis, Parametric Sequencers

Unitonic has announced the upcoming release of Aurora 2.0, a new version of their advanced plug-in synth for Pro Tools|HD Accel systems, sporting a redesigned interface and a host of features.
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Unique to Aurora 2.0 is the introduction of Noise Modulation into the synthesis chain. For the first time, noise can be used to fundamentally distort sound waves and quickly create extraordinarily rich tones, from subtle turbulence effects to fields of tunable, broadband noise.

Another class of features unique to Aurora 2.0 are the Parametric Sequencers for creating MIDI sync'd rhythms that directly control the output of the tone's main parameters. Each 32-step Sequencer has its own speed, loop point and lag-time, so they can run independently, even in separate time signatures for complex polyrhythms. The Parametric Sequencers can be used in countless ways to add distinctive, beat-based effects to specific aspects of a tone.

In addition to its new sound generation capabilities, Aurora v2.0 offers a redesigned and expanded visual interface, with multiple edit modes and richly detailed graphic displays. Combining elegant form with well-considered function, Aurora v2.0 sets a new standard in interface design for digital musical instruments.

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