Auralex Acoustics Introduces the Great GRAMMA Isolation Platform

Auralex Acoustics, Inc., the industry leader in innovative sound control solutions, introduced the Great GRAMMA (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attentuator) at Winter NAMM 2006. The Great GRAMMA builds on the popularity of the original, trend-setting GRAMMA, by offering a larger acoustic isolation platform for heftier speakers and instrument amplifiers.
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"The original GRAMMA solved a major problem with speaker cabinets in live and studio situations by acoustically decoupling the box from the floor or stage, effectively cleaning up the sound," says Brian Wheat, product marketing manager for Auralex Acoustics. "The Great GRAMMA was developed based on industry requests for a system that can handle larger cabinets. Our engineers designed the Great GRAMMA to provide the same isolation specifications, while offering a larger footprint for bigger speakers. We are very happy with the industry response to the original GRAMMA and believe the Great GRAMMA will further address industry needs."

The original GRAMMA is 23" long by 15" wide and 2" high. The Great GRAMMA is 30 percent larger offering an isolation platform that is 30" long by 19" wide by 2" high and exceeds the 300lb. weight limit of the original GRAMMA. The new system comes complete with a carrying handle, road-ready carpet, Studiofoam Wedges (underneath), PlatFoam (underneath), and an optional GRAMMA Gigbag.

"Any gigging musician is always faced with a voicing problem between the instrument amplifier and the stage floor," Wheat explains. "When a note is played on the guitar, bass or keyboard, the speaker cabinet vibrates and, in turn, so does the stage, effectively muddying the sound of the cabinet. Worse, the stage can vibrate the mic stands and its microphones, creating feedback situations. The Great GRAMMA completely obviates this situation for the larger cabinet."

While the live applications are obvious, the studio applications, especially in the home or project studio, are critical candidates for GRAMMA treatment.

"In this day of extremely high quality digital recording systems available to everyone, creative tracks are routinely recorded by top professionals and hopeful stars alike in less than controlled acoustical environments," states Wheat. "These tracks often show up at a large studio where a project is completed. The GRAMMA and the Great GRAMMA, with their excellent isolation specifications, help the artist record sonically honest tracks that reflect the true sound of their instruments without the coloration of the compromised acoustic environment of a living room or basement studio. This new found purity is reflected in tracks that deliver the emotional content of the performance without resorting to an equalizer to reshape the sonic quality."

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