Audiotech Guitar Products Officially Release High Definition, Gold Plated Instrument Cables

Audiotech makers of guitar effects pedals and handy switching devices for musicians, have announced the official release of their high definition, gold plated instrument cables. The Audiotech line of instrument cables feature G&H gold plated connectors and quality Belden cable for lower capacitance, lower noise, higher definition and a crisp, clean and clearer signal path. “There are a lot of instrument cables out there for musicians to choose from, so we wanted to get this right and offer the best quality when we designed our line of cables” says company president Eric Roberts.
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“We believe what we’ve come up with is better built and sonically superior to anything else on the market today, musicians everywhere owe it to themselves to give these quality instrument cables a try” he adds.

Standard sizes are 1foot (for pedal board applications) 10 foot and 20 foot cable lengths. The company also offers custom cable lengths.

For more information and pricing you can reach Audiotech by logging onto