Audiotech Guitar Products now offer optional front panel 'in/out' auxiliary jack on Source Selector 1X6

Audiotech makers of guitar effects pedals and handy switching devices for musicians, have made available to customers a common in/out jack on the front panel of their Source Selector 1X6 rack mount switching unit. This more conveniently located in/out jack is in addition to the regular in/out jack already provided on the rear of the rack. The Source Selector 1X6 rack mount switching unit allows you to switch between and manage multiple guitars, amplifiers and wireless units. Cost for adding this option is $29.95.
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“For a long time guitar techs and guitar players have been asking us to add this feature to the Source Selector,” says company president Eric Roberts. “Basically it allows easier access to whatever is being switched on the six channels, this way you don’t always have to go to the back of the rack. This feature is only available by request and does not come standard, and we will retrofit older Source Selectors if a customer asks” he adds.

The Source Selector features six front panel buttons for channel selection and six high brightness LED’s above each button for channel indication. In addition to the optional front panel in/out jack it comes with seven 1/4" jacks on the back for channels "1", "2", "3", “4”, “5” and “6” and the main common "In/Out". The recommended power supply for the Source Selector is the Audiotech SS1X6PS-1 9VDC 1200mA wall adapter. (Not Included) It also includes Audiotech’s standard two-year warranty on all parts and labor.

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