Audio The Dear Hunter

THE DEAR HUNTER Act III: Life and Death This is not a guitar album. What it is, is a great example of getting away with a ton of bold guitar work that is always in service of the song. Guitarists Erick Serna and Andy Wildrick dish out cool part after cool part on tunes that range from heavy to poppy to scary to sad and back again. Clanging stabs in “The Tank” reside beautifully alongside gorgeous string textures before morphing into pseudo-mandolin tremolo picking. Period-correct WWI beer-hall acoustic work permeates “The Poison Woman,” and creepy ring-modulator tones kick off “The Thief.” Then they play cool, snaky fuzztone answers to the vocal line (as well as bubbling Leslie tones) in “In Cauda Venenum.” The most powerful guitar, however, might come in “Mustard Gas,” a riveting mix of powerchord chunks and acoustic fingerpicking agai