Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig Proves That Great Bass Now Comes In Small Packages

Having set the new standard for powerful, compact, yet immensely portable bass amps, Ashdown’s All Access Bass Series has just produced a new baby: the Perfect Ten MiniRig.
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Based on the amplifier design of the award-winning Perfect Ten combo—but sporting a more powerful 65-Watt output—the Perfect Ten head is partnered by two 10" cabinets, making the combined rig a true miniature powerhouse.

Conceived as a home or practice set-up, the Perfect Ten MiniRig actually packs enough muscle to hold its own in small gigs, far outstripping standard practice amps in both quality and flexibility.

The feature set is typically Ashdown, providing all the essential controls you’ll need in an intuitive and logical layout. Input and Output Gain controls are standard, along with a three-band rotary tone control section (treble, middle and bass), plus the bass response can be instantly extended by way of a simple ‘Deep’ switch.

A front panel CD input means you can play along with pre-recorded backing tracks, while also doubling as a line output for recording situations. If noise is an issue then the headphone output allows silent practicing, and a classic Ashdown VU meter lets you keep an eye on your levels.

Durability is further enhanced by the use of tough protective corners and heavy duty covering, and the whole package is rounded off by the inclusion of all speaker cables—meaning the Perfect Ten rig is ready to play straight out of the box.

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