Ashdown Introduces The AAR212 Acoustic Amp

As more and more rock bands feature acoustic guitars in their live sets, Ashdown Engineering responds with the launch of a new acoustic amplifier designed specifically for this application – the AAR212.

Based on Ashdown's highly acclaimed, twin-channel Radiator 2 (AAR2), the new amplifier replaces the original speaker configuration of 2 x 8" drivers (each with dual tweeter arrays), with a heavy-duty 12" speaker complemented by a horn. Sacrificing only a small amount of the tonal sweetness of the original, the new amplifier moves much more air and is capable of cutting through the higher on-stage volume levels of a rock band in full flow.

Befitting a backline amplifier that's very much built for the road, the new Ashdown Acoustic Radiator 212 is available only in a tough vinyl-covered cabinet, with none of the usual polished wood versions available.

Amplifier features are the same as the original Radiator 2, with a hi-fi 160-Watt power stage and a twin-channel preamplifier with inputs for active and piezo pick-ups on Channel 1, and both jack and balanced XLR phantom powered low impedance inputs on Channel 2. A comprehensive range of facilities includes dual 5 band EQ, notch filters and phase switching for the elimination of feedback, built in digital reverb and delay effects and a balanced DI output.

"This is what our customers asked us for," comments Ashdown's Mark Gooday on the launch of the AAR212. "Acoustic players love the tone and facilities of the Radiator 2, but guitarists in louder bands want even more volume. The new AAR212 fits the bill perfectly."

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