Art Announces New Dual RD Two-Channel Reamping Direct Box

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Applied Research and Technology, a division of Yorkville Sound, announces the newest addition to its ARTcessories line of solution boxes, the Dual RDB , a two-channel reamping box.

The Dual RDB is the ideal interface solution for any application where stereo or dual line level signals from recording interfaces, computers, iPods, consumer audio or video devices need to be connected to XLR or 1/4” instrument level inputs.

The Dual RDB has two high quality isolation transformers that prevent ground loops when connecting various systems together.

The Dual RDB accepts 1/4 “ TRS and XLR line level inputs and outputs mic or instrument levels. The Dual RDB’s variable level controls allow volume control to be set at the source rather than in the studio, AV room, Installation rack, etc. A 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response ensures the Dual RDB will function transparently with any quality audio source.

US retail pricing for the ARTcessories Dual RDB, which includes a three-year warranty, is $99 and begins shipping January 2012.

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