Arlo Guthrie Partners with Hard Rock Park

Hard Rock Park adds Arlo Guthrie to its legendary line-up of rock icons to be immortalized in the world's first ever rock-n-roll themed park, located in Myrtle Beach, SC. His hit song “Alice’s Restaurant” has been transformed into a table-service restaurant where “You can get anything you want…”
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Arlo Guthrie’s career exploded in 1967 with the release of his hit song, “Alice’s Restaurant”, and now visitors from all over the world can come and sample a taste of history at Hard Rock Park’s 1,500 square foot dining experience.

Arlo will be on-hand to unveil the restaurant on May 5 to help celebrate the special occasion. Alice’s Restaurant at Hard Rock Park was inspired by the18 minute 20 second musical monologue that tells the tale of Arlo’s harrowing and hilarious run-in with the local authorities on Thanksgiving, November 26, 1965. It was not only a hit, but has become one of the great counter-cultural anthems of its time and a landmark in modern American folk music.

Arlo has helped Hard Rock Park develop Alice’s Restaurant into a reflection of both the song’s spirit and the early folk/hippie sensibilities from which it sprang. Designed as a simple, New England colonial structure and decorated in a typically mid-sixties, hippie style, Alice’s features the only full service, sit down restaurant in the Park. The menu features a full selection of starters, soup, salads, entrees of fish, beef, foul, Italian specialties, and scrumptious desserts.

Other legendary rock icons honored at Hard Rock Park include Led Zeppelin, The Moody Blues, The Eagles, and Gibson Guitars.