ArielFX Unleashes The Germanium Phuzz Phace Effect Pedal

ArielFX introduces its take on the classic fuzz face pedal, featuring new old stock AC128 germanium transistors, bright LED indicator and real true bypass. These handmade fuzz boxes feature top notch components to allow low noise floors, maximum tone transparency and optimal transistor bias characteristics.

Original AC128 transistors are used just like in the original fuzz pedals! These transistors are selected for low noise levels, absolute minimal leakage and medium gain levels to allow your guitar to really shine!

All the parts are populated on factory made professional FR4 board which is thick and very durable mechanically – These are build to last!

Each pedal is hand assembled, tuned and test driven before being shipped to the customer so you can be sure you get a quality product!


  • Black Anodized Die-Cast Aluminum Box
  • Laser Engraved Brushed Copper Plated Top – For Great Looks That LAST
  • Mechanical True-Bypass Using 3PDT Stomp Switch
  • High Quality N.O.S Low Leakage PNP AC128 Germanium Transistors
  • Trimmer Potentiometer For Perfect Transistor Bias
  • Professional Factory Made PCB (FR4)
  • High Quality Parts (Switchcraft, Alpha, Sprague, Xicon…)
  • 1% Diversion Metal-Film Resistors For Low Noise Levels
  • Shiny Super-Bright White LED
  • 3 Years Parts & Labor Warranty

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