Analog Mans Guide to Vintage Effects

By Tom Hughes
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This comprehensive book covers all of the key effects that have been integral to electric guitar history, as well as a huge number of lesser-known pedals that continue to lure and excite collectors and players. In the initial chapters, Hughes details the development of many effects (including reverb, fuzz, wah, tape and analog delay, modulation effects, filters, octave devices, ring modulators, etc.), as well as providing great explanations of some of the technologies behind them. Next comes a handy reference guide to over 150 vintage effects manufacturers and their products, a lovely color photo gallery of classic stompboxes, a chapter devoted to modern boutique pedal makers, and many more photos and descriptions of the rarest and the most essential effects from the ’60s and ’70s. Subsequent chapters address a range of topics, including frequently asked questions about vintage pedals, effects trivia (did you know, for example, that the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase came in two different color schemes?), maintenance tips, spotting fakes (essential reading for online buyers), and discussions with company founders Mike Matthews (Electro-Harmonix), Keith Barr (MXR, Alesis), and Roger Mayer. There are also exclusive, insightful interviews with a number of important effects designers. Packed with great information and a wealth of photos, this 280-page book is one-stop shopping for just about anything you need to know about stompboxes. Highly recommended! For Musicians Only Publishing. —Art Thompson