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Brooklyn band deploys Eventide on feral journey....
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Formed from the shards of many a Brooklyn band, Amazing Baby has chosen Eventide TimeFactor, ModFactor, and PitchFactor stompboxes as primary ingredients in their anthems of catharsis. In addition to using them in the studio, Amazing Baby has recently incorporated them in their live set-up. In describing the effect that the new pedals have had on their creative process, guitarist Rob Laakso, formerly of the band Diamond Nights commented, "The Mod Factor provided inspiration for new ideas as our recording deadline neared. You can also hear it having its way with the synthesizer throughout our new Supreme Being single." Laakso continued, "I get smiley and wily staying up way past my bedtime divining new sounds with the Pitch Factor. That thing keeps me up at night."

Amazing Baby has been touring through the UK, Japan, and the US to support the recent release of their album, Rewild, on Shangra-La records. The new release was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City with Claudius Mittendorfer engineering. Rewild is produced by Mittendorfer and Amazing Baby, with John Hill, of Santigold fame, producing one track.

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