Alfred Music Publishing Proudly Presents Aaron Shearer’s Classic Guitar Technique, Volume 1 (Revised Edition)

Alfred Music Publishing is proud to present Aaron Shearer’s first fully revised and reedited edition of Classic Guitar Technique, Volume 1 in conjunction with former student and long-time colleague—Thomas Kikta.....
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Thomas Kikta, Director of Classic Guitar at Duquesne University for over 20 years, comments, “This book not only lays the foundation for the revolutionary concepts that Dr. Shearer developed for classic guitarists, but also benefits all guitar players that use their fingers to sound the beautiful tones of the guitar whether nylon or steel.”

A benchmark work in teaching classic guitar, Aaron Shearer’s Classic Guitar Technique has long been the core guitar method used by generations of classic guitarists. In addition to over 100 new pictures and illustrations, Aaron Shearer and Thomas Kikta have included critical new insights into core guitar techniques. Plus, for the first time, the book now comes with a demonstration and play-along CD. Students will be able to hear and emulate the tone and feel of the CD recording, and they will have the opportunity to play their pieces as duets with the included recording. Also, insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of your computer and our exclusive “TNT” software allows you to changes tempos, mute the student part, and even loop sections for repeated practice.

“The insights he [Dr. Shearer] shared with me and hundreds of his students are brought together here in this new edition to help develop habits that bring proficiency, security and confidence to all level of guitarist or anyone that requires a point of reference for their playing,” says Kikta. “It was an honor to work closely with this legendary figure for almost 30 years and ultimately have the pleasure of updating this pivotal work that I learned from as a kid. Aaron’s presence is now sorely missed, but it is comforting to know that his writings and concepts will continue to benefit future generations.”

Classic Guitar Technique, Volume 1 (Revised Edition) is now available as a book and CD set for $16.95. Pick up your copy at a local music retail store, or buy it today at