Alfred Music Distributes 'Guitar Secrets of Regi "The Teacha" Wooten'

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Alfred Music Publishing, the world leader in educational print music publishing and instructional resources since 1922, announces the distribution of Guitar Secrets of Regi "The Teacha" Wooten, an instructional and performance DVD featuring advanced guitar instruction to a wide variety of music styles and genres, by the one affectionately referred to as “The Teacha,” produced by Clear Vision Films.

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Guitar Secrets of Regi "The Teacha" Wooten features over an hour and a half of in-depth instruction, virtuosic performances, and the invaluable wisdom from one of the leading guitar instructors of our time. Detailed tips and tricks in the DVD include: tapping, thumping/slapping, drumming, raking/sweeping, blowing, blazing fast tapping, in addition to how to creatively and effectively combine techniques, the two-hand lap piano, and much more. Bonus features include an interview with The Teacha (by Kari Vredevoogd) that highlights his musical journey and influencers, along with his commentary on the science of sound, the origins of the modern-day guitar, and an up-close look at the guitar legend’s custom-made Kramer guitar.

To view the official Guitar Secrets of Regi "The Teacha" Wooten DVD trailer, click here.

For the past four decades, Regi Wooten has been playing guitar within various styles of music at venues ranging from intimate dives on up to major world renowned festivals. Regi is widely regarded as the greatest funk guitarist in the world, arguably for his inventive brand of sweep picking, slapping/thumping, two-handed tapping, and intricate strumming style. Regi Wooten began his music career by instructing his four younger brothers on their instruments, resulting in the birth of super musicians bands. The Wooten Brothers are icons of the Nashville music scene and include Joseph Wooten (keys, The Steve Miller Band), Victor Wooten, and Futureman (Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) on bass and drums, and Nashville's best session and road musicians.

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