Alfred Introduces The No Reading Required Series Of Instructional DVDs

Alfred is pleased to present the new No Reading Required DVD series. Finally, you can learn cool licks, riffs, songs, and grooves - in a variety of styles - just by watching and doing!

When there is no reading required, a new world is opened to all of us who love music, want to learn a lot more, but don't have the time for all that standard music notation and theory. Countless musicians have learned this way from friends, family and teachers. But now, with this exciting new video series, you can learn from the pros in an easy-going and fun way. With this DVD series, learning music has never been so quick, exciting or enjoyable.

No Reading Required - Metal Guitar Licks
No Reading Required - Metal Guitar Licks covers soloing, scale work and pentatonic licks. You'll learn about power chords, essential metal rhythm guitar, alternate picking and increasing your speed. Left-hand techniques covered include hammer-ons, pull-offs, bending, vibrato and trills. This DVD also shows you one-string scales, double stops and palm muting.

No Reading Required - Easy Blues Guitar Licks
No Reading Required - Easy Blues Guitar Licks teaches you essential blues riffs, licks and phrases. You'll learn about blues rhythm guitar patterns and the 12-bar blues form. This DVD also provides a basic analysis of solos. Learn left-hand techniques like slides, trills, hammer-ons, pull-offs, vibrato and bending. Right-hand techniques discussed include sweep picking and pick attack.

No Reading Required - Easy Rock Bass Lines
The former bassist and founding member of Blue Öyster Cult teaches you the basics and beyond! This DVD starts easy and progresses to more challenging and syncopated lines. Basic left- and right-hand techniques are covered, including exercises to build finger strength. A variety of rock styles are discussed, including blues, funk, punk/garage, '70s riff rock and modern rock. This DVD also covers walking bass lines, creating bass lines from arpeggios, and dropped D tuning.

No Reading Required - Easy Rock Drum Beats
No Reading Required - Easy Rock Drum Beats teaches you how to play drums fast! This DVD gives you lessons on posture, breathing and holding the sticks. Learn the three essential systems: sticking, vocalizing, and counting. Also learn about triplets, swing rhythms, articulation and dynamics. A great way to learn drums without ever picking up a book!

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