Aleken’s Long Live Rock Game Rolls Out

Aleken Games, the leader in music trivia games and calendars met fan demand this month by delivering its newest board game, Long Live Rock!™, to its largest retailers.

Long Live Rock is Aleken Games’ exciting new “Speed game of Rock!” where players race against the clock to unscramble significant happenings on the timeline of Rock and Roll. The board game (MSRP $24.95), designed for 1 or more players, ages 14 and up, is readily available nationwide at retailers and online.

Ken Eichstaedt, president of Aleken Games, said, “Long Live Rock is a fast-paced game and a sure hit with game players and music fans everywhere. What makes this game so fun and interesting is that Long Live Rock! supplies the Who, What, Where, and When of Rock and Roll. It’s up to the players to ‘unscramble’ the sequence of events and organize them as they race against time.”

With every turn each player or team takes three Rock cards, each of which contains a famous “happening” in Rock and Roll. Then they have one minute to arrange the cards face-up in correct chronological order. When the cards are flipped over and if the events are in the correct date order, the player moves forward one space on the board. An extra bonus to move additional spaces for any player is available by correctly guessing the exact year that one of the events took place. The first player or team to cross the finish line wins.

Coined as the “un-trivia” game for Rock and Roll fans by co-creator Julie Eichstaedt, Aleken Games’ Long Live Rock! was designed to be played in about 30 minutes and is perfect for parties, get-togethers, coffee time, break time or anytime!

Aleken Games’ 2007 introduction of Long Live Rock! strengthens its position as the industry leader in music and trivia board games and related products. The company’s ROCK AND ROLL TRIVIOLOGIESÔ and COUNTRY MUSIC TRIVIOLOGIESÔ music trivia board games and POCKET PACK card and travel games as well as their DAYS THAT ROCK and DAYS OF COUNTRY daily boxed trivia calendars are available across the U.S. and Canada and are very popular with toy, game, gift, book and music retailers.

In addition to store chains, Aleken Games’ products are available at the pinnacle gathering place of Rock and Roll fans, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH. Its Country Music products can be found at the equally prestigious Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN.