Advanced Pro Tools: DVD Volume II

Volume II is actually the third installment in the Secrets of the Pros instructional DVD series, and it delivers more of the greasy details about Digidesign’s popular Pro Tools recording software up to version 7.x. Fledgling engineers should definitely view the earlier titles first, but anyone with some degree of computer savvy and Pro Tools experience will find a lot to learn in Volume II.
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Producer and narrator Ken Walden has played in bands, engineered Santana and Metallica sessions, and worked at Digidesign. However, the DVD is not so much about specific “secrets” used on certain Santana or Metallica sessions, or insider programming tricks that only a former Digidesign employee would know, as at it is a step-by-step video manual on how to use Pro Tools efficiently based on Walden’s extensive real-world experiences. Chapters range from the essentials—such as the most effective operations setups and file saving methods—to involved “organic editing” techniques designed to preserve a natural vibe when making intricate fixes to sensitive tracks such as acoustic guitars. Advanced Pro Tools: DVD Volume II is recommended for musicians whose Pro Tools knowledge gaps are preventing songs from being fully realized in a timely fashion.( Secrets of the Pros.)
—Jimmy Leslie