Adrian Belew On Rock Schools

“I don’t find rock schools strange at all because, in a way, everybody goes to their own school of rock. When I was a kid, we didn’t have a proper building with teachers in it. We just had the records we played. Jimi Hendrix went to the Little Richard school of rock, and I eventually went to the Frank Zappa school of rock.
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“I recently had an amazing experience as a guest professor with Paul Green’s School of Rock where students are put together in bands, and then live shows are set up for them to play. The cream of the crop perform in the School of Rock All-Stars, and I did a short tour as their guest. We played my music, as well as music I’ve been involved with—such as Zappa and King Crimson. We also touched on some of my influences, including the Beatles and Jimi

Hendrix. The students did an incredible job, and being around them brought back memories of my earliest musical experiences as a drummer in my junior high marching band. The camaraderie and sharing that happens in a social setting is absolutely priceless, and that’s what makes the School of Rock astoundingly cool.”