ACIDplanet’s Best 30-Second Guitar Solo Contest

Albums are overkill. Songs are too long. Even choruses can stretch. Thirty seconds of guitar wailing magic is just right. In a celebration of brevity and guitar-gods everywhere, it only takes half a minute of inspired picking, shredding and strumming to win the new Best 30-Second Guitar Solo contest at
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With accompaniment optional, entrants simply record a 30 second guitar solo in any of the following genres: jazz, country, classic rock, modern rock, acoustic or free-form bass. Every week from March 3 through April 28, the string-making, rocking experts at Curt Mangan Strings will choose a new winner in each category to receive a string set, a strap and a T-shirt.

At the end of the contest, a grand-prize winner will be selected in each genre. Those winners will receive more great prizes including, additional Curt Mangan strings and subscriptions to Revolver Magazine and Guitar Player Magazine. Grand prize winners in each genre will also receive Sound Forge 8 (R) software and Chicago Fire (TM) loop collection from Sony Media Software, as well as a personalized ProZone (TM) account on One overall grand prize winner (the Best 30-Second Solo) will be selected; this winner will receive all the aforementioned prizes, as well as a Peavey Predator Guitar.

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