Abby Travis

Abby Travis’s distinguished career is as unique as the speakeasy noir vibe of her third solo CD, GlitterMouth, which showcases her uncanny ability to work intricate bass lines into a sophisticated “glitter-rock cabaret” sound. Though she took piano lessons as a kid and currently tours with ’80s pop act the Bangles, Travis hadn’t played a note of bass guitar when she joined the Love Dolls, a fierce all-female L.A. garage-rock band. After beginning to write songs in her next group, the Rails, and earning a bass certificate from the now-defunct Globe School of Music, Travis began to capitalize on her killer combination of street aesthetics, formal training, vocal ability, and a gothic Bettie Page image, scoring gigs with Beck and Elastica for the ’95 Lollapalooza tour. Shortly thereafter, Travis parlayed her high-profile sidewoman status into a career as a solo artist with a dramatic flair.