A Jungle Out There

Isn’t it great that music comes in such a wide diversity of styles? Depending on your mood (or general preference), you can enjoy the smooth and rootsy vibes of Eric Clapton doing J.J. Cale songs, the psychedelic mystery of Pink Floyd, the blues/gospel R&B of Keb’ Mo, the glorious productions of Yes, the reggae of Bob Marley, the big band swing and walking bass of Count Basie, the power rock of Audioslave … you get the idea. Now, how do you make it possible for listeners to enjoy your nifty bass lines in all these styles, and ensure that you get the warm glow (and nifty paychecks) that come from playing the heck out of them? Can you put CDs under your pillow at night, tap your fingers together three times, and wake up in the morning playing Jaco’s “Slang(ish)”? Probably not, unless I did it wrong.