3rd Power Amplification Announces the RPO100

The RPO100 is a versatile single-channel aggressive-voiced guitar amplifier that features 3rd Power’s tube driven (no clipping diodes here), ultra-low noise DirecDRIVE preamp.
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Offering road-worthy handwired point-to-point construction for the hard rock musician, 3RD Power Amplification’s RPO100 takes the concept of cutting through the mix to a whole new level.

The RPO100 employs proprietary technologies to make it the most versatile single-channel aggressive-voiced guitar amplifier on the market. In addition to featuring 3rd Power’s tube driven (no clipping diodes here), ultra-low noise DirecDRIVE preamp, the RPO100 includes the following tone-shaping elements:

• Foot-switchable "Rocket" power amp boost knob for the ultimate in clean-boost volume changes
• Push and Presense knobs inspired by our popular SV3015 power amp for fine-tuning the tone at the power output tube stage - key to achieving huge aggressive tones without the mud and hiss from overworked preamp circuitry
• Dual Mid-frequency voicing switches for greater versatility in shaping complex midrange frequencies
• Insert-style effects loop (preamp out, power amp in)
• Variably controlled line output

The new RPO100 has already earned the embrace of metal and hard rock artists. Guitarist Stevie D. of the multi-platinum band Buckcherry has incorporated the RPO100 into his touring setup. Guitarist Cat of State Line Empire relies on the RPO100 to deliver his signature guitar tone while touring in support of their Mike Clink (GnR’s Appetite for Destruction) produced debut EP, Octane.

All 3rd Power amplifiers are hand-built in the USA and feature point-to-point turret board construction and come with a 33-year warranty. The new RPO100 will be available mid September, 2012 at the introductory price of $2,699.

For more information, please visit www.3rdPower.com.