15 New Floppy Disks for the SP1200 Beat Box

Continuing their support of vintage instruments Kid Nepro Productions has updated their EMU SP1200 Sound Library with 15 new drum disks. An assortment of new kicks, snares, toms, hi hats, cymbals and assorted percussion. Also included are several Hip Hop "Hits and Bits" samples which feature an mix of scratches, voice samples, orchestra, horn and band hits.New Disks Include:203 Assorted Kicks V3204 Assorted Kicks V4205 Assorted Kicks V5206 Assorted Kicks V6207 Assorted Kicks V7208 Assorted Snares V3209 Assorted Snares V4210 Assorted Snares V5211 Assorted Snares V6212 Assorted Snares V7213 Hip Hop Kit V6214 Hip Hop Kit V7215 Hip Hop Kit V8216 Hip Hop Kit V9217 Hip Hop Kit 10Each disk contains 32 new "one shot" samples for Hip Hop, Rap and R&B Tracks. More info and demos can be found at www.kidnepro.com.
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