11 Solidbody Electrics

This Month's Roundup Highlights The Amazing Variety Of solidbody electrics that populate the marketplace. From low-cost imports to big-buck offerings from the U.S. and Europe, the guitars featured in this story reveal the various mindsets of the manufacturers who stake their fortunes on having the right instruments for the right players at the right time.
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Judging by this group of guitars, their notions of what people are looking for are all over the map. If it were all about price, then why wouldn’t someone with a taste for exotic on the cheap go for the very affordable Ampeg AMG100CH (a wood-bodied remake of the Plexiglas guitar designed by visionary luthier/effects pioneer Dan Armstrong in the late ’60s), or perhaps the very glitzy Daisy Rock Siren? Are you the type who looks to the Robb Report for hot buys? If so, there’s the racylooking aluminum and carbon fiber GT-1 from Etavonni—at nearly $7k, it’s the 6-string equivalent of a Girard-Perregaux Sport Classique watch. Between these extremes are nine other guitars that hit all points on the stylistic, sonic, and vibe curves, and maybe one of them will tempt you to give it a spin. We tested these guitars on gigs and in our studios, running them into a cadre of amps that included a Carr Slant 6V, a Dr. Z EZQ 50, an Egnater Rebel, a Fender Vibroverb reissue, and a Mesa/Boogie Stilletto half-stack.