Olympus introduces the LS-100 Linear PCM Recorder with Multi-Track Capability

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Olympus, the world’s number one manufacturer of portable digital voice recorders and professional dictation devices, has created an ideal tool for musicians and audio enthusiasts with the new LS-100 linear PCM audio recording device. The latest edition to the popular LS series features two internal 90-degree directional stereo condenser microphones that capture lower-bass frequencies and louder sound with less clipping, two quarter-inch XLR/standard phone combination inputs and multi-tracking with two-channel simultaneous recording and eight-channel playback. Packed in an attractive, well-built portable device, the Olympus LS-100 combines these new features with uncompressed 24 bit/96 kHz Linear PCM digital recording to offer users incredible audio quality in a multi-track recorder.

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“The Olympus LS series has been a favorite of musicians, artists and music lovers, and the LS-100 is an evolution in this series designed with the working musician, specifically, in mind,” said Amy Leslie, Sr. Marketing & Business Development Manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “For songwriting sessions, band rehearsals, live performances, broadcasting, or really anything that requires the highest quality of audio recording, the LS-100 is an ideal, all-encompassing recording solution.”

Supersonic Sound

The hallmark of the Olympus LS series has always been superior sound quality, and the LS-100 takes that reputation to a new level. Two internal 90-degree directional stereo condenser microphones with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz allow the user to capture all audible lower-bass frequencies. Engineered to capture sound at a wide range of decibel levels, the Olympus LS-100 is an ideal recorder for an incredibly loud environment. Its microphones support sound pressure levels down to 140 decibels, more than enough to capture extreme sound from a rock band without experiencing clipping issues.With the new high-quality microphones comes new high-quality amplifier circuitry. The audio and system circuitry are separated on the Olympus LS-100 to minimize sound degradation and keep the signal true. A switchable low-cut filter enables users to eliminate low-frequency sound at two different settings, 100Hz or 300Hz. Unwanted background noises like talking or the rumble of a distant car, can be greatly minimized.

Plug N’ Play

The Olympus LS-100 features two 1/4" XLR / standard phone combo jacks, which support phantom power at 48/24 volts to power a variety of high-quality external microphones.These inputs can hook into any line-output device, including guitars, soundboards and keyboards. Both the microphones and XLR inputs feature independent recording levels. This allows the user to reach the right balance or blend on the fly. A balanced line provides a noise-free signal.

Eight Track Heaven

The LS-100 is the first Olympus recorder with multi-tracking capabilities. Whether you want to record in just one take, or you prefer the versatility multi-track recording offers, the LS-100 provides the power and flexibility to meet all demands. Up to eight tracks are at users’ disposal. Each can be separately volume adjusted and panned, then mixed down to create the complete composition.

For a complete list of specifications, visit olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/product.asp?product=1581