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Video: Bride and Groom Play Electric Guitar Duet Before Getting Married

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Below, check out a video of a couple who performed a guitar duet before getting hitched. And if that sounds normal (and we admit it does sound normal), be sure to check out the video.

Jordan Strauss, 30, who teaches guitar in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, taught his bride-to-be, Andrea Strauss, 25, how to play a few chords so they could perform something together on their wedding day (at the church).

"We wanted to do something we knew would stand out and put our own personal stamp to make it even more memorable," Jordan Strauss told Yahoo.

The ceremony took place in May (and it's just getting noticed now) at a church in Long Valley, New Jersey. Jordan is playing Pachelbel's "Canon" with one of his groomsmen as the priest stands nearby. Andrea enters in white, with a guitar strapped on, and joins in (Note: She seems to be tuned to an open D chord). At one point, there are four guitarists playing the song.

"She was an easy student to teach. She's a natural. I told her that from day one," Jordan said.