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ToneVille Amps Announces New v3.0 Guitar Amp

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Since the release of its award-winning prototypes in August 2013, ToneVille amps have been selling faster than the company can build them.

Now, alongside the company's improved workflow and manufacturing processes, ToneVille has introduced several improvements with the release of its newest models.

These include:

●Custom mil-spec 1/8” thick anodized grained aluminum chassis built to allow air-flow through the top (front and back) with stamped pem nuts and stand-offs, and aircraft-grade riveted corners for extra strength and durability
●three-way custom “ToneVille Knob” to shape and dial in the room between low, mid, and neutral with 3 distinct voicings to set the EQ foundation. Find your perfect place in the mix or room without having to completely re-EQ the amp in a new environment
●Improved tone and stability with the combination of Mullard NOS and Mullard or Tung-sol new-production tubes in every amp
●custom fiberglass eyelet boards
●sweetened power transformer voltage
●out-of-circuit switch to “master-volume on” control
●hand-made hi-fi boutique capacitors
●hi-fi bias resistors
●sealed PEC potentiometers
●improved circuitry and wiring for an even quieter amp and sweeter tone
●15 watt combos now use the G12H 55hz Made in England Celestions
●option for 220 or 240 voltage, additional option for 110/220v switch
●Precision CNC cut cabinets with custom printed Lexan lighted logo on front of amp
●improved cabinet hardware quality including new custom-made aluminum knobs for a cleaner look.

ToneVille Amps v3.0 is now available for boutique dealers nationwide and open for orders through the website (See the link below). New-build orders have a four- to six-week lead time.

Minimum Advertised Prices:

15 watt Beale St. $2,595
15 watt Broadway $2,495
9 watt Sunset Beach $2,095
9 watt Sunset Strip $1,995

For more about ToneVille amps, visit