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Sneak Peek: The new Supro 'Ozark II' Guitar

The newly revived company revealed its prototype guitar at Summer NAMM.
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By Christopher Scapelliti

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The revival of the Supro brand continues.

At last week's Summer NAMM show in Nashville, the company unveiled this prototype guitar. Tentatively dubbed Ozark II, it features low-noise Valco-designed Kingston single-coil pickups made by Roadhouse in Oregon. The pickups are said to be very dynamic and sensitive, making this one loud guitar indeed.

Production models are expected to hit the assembly line in time for Winter NAMM 2015.

The Supro name first appeared on a line of guitars and amps produced by the Valco musical instrument company. Valco was created in the Thirties by Victor Smith, Al Frost and Louis Dopyera, all formerly of the National Dobro Company. Valco also manufactured amplifiers under license for Gretsch, Harmony, and Kay Musical Instruments, and introduced its own line of solid-body electric guitars.

Those guitars included a Supro Ozark, which appeared in various iterations over the Fifties and Sixties, including a single-cutaway design with a sloping cutaway rather than the hornlike projection seen on the new model.

Valco merged with Kay in 1967, but financial problems quickly put the new organization out of business.

Supro presented five new amps at Winter NAMM 2014, including the DualTone 1624T picture here with the Ozark II.