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Reverend Guitars Redesigns Headstocks on Volcano, Ron Asheton Models

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Reverend Guitars has renovated the headstock on its Volcano and Ron Asheton Signature models. The new, symmetrical headstock provides a better contrast to the offset body of the models (the models have similar body shapes), which lends the guitar a more classic feel.

The Volcano is an offset-V guitar with a beefy-yet-clear tone. Its raised center ridge improves sustain while the thinner wings add resonance. With its two Reverend Humbuckers, the guitar is lively, clear and rich in harmonics. It is available in Black or Vintage Clear, both with rosewood fretboards.

The Ron Asheton Signature model is based on the Volcano, with three P90s and a five-way toggle switch. It has an edgier, more percussive tone than the Volcano. It is available in Rock Orange with three lightning bolts in the upper-horn and a rosewood fretboard. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this guitar go to the Ron Asheton Foundation.

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