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No Frets Allowed: Rob Scallon's New Song Is All Whammy Bar

The multi-instrumentalist's fans challenged him to create a tune using only his whammy bar.
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By Damian Fanelli

Guitarist—well, multi-instrumentalist, to be more accurate—Rob Scallon is often challenged by his almost-1,000,000 YouTube subscribers to perform musical feats of skill, dexterity and daring-do.

A few months ago, a few fans challenged him to create a tune in which he uses only his whammy bar—no frets, no nothing, just the whammy bar.

So that's exactly what he did, after chopping off four guitar strings, of course. You can stream his brand-new video, titled "All Whammy Bar Song," below. His cat joins him at 1:51, which is always nice.