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New Electric Guitar Has Built-In Eight-Watt Stereo Amp

ElectroPhonic says its Model One guitar offers “real amp tone—anytime, anywhere.”

By Christopher Scapelliti

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Electric guitars with built-in amps have been around for decades, offering buskers and on-the-go guitarists an all-in-one playing experience.

Typically, tone has not been a huge consideration in their creation. It’s more about convenience.

ElectroPhonic wants to put the focus where it really belongs by creating a self-amplified guitar that sounds great.

The company’s Model One combines an electric guitar made from traditional hardwoods with an eight-watt amp featuring stereophonic sound from dual paper-cone speakers. ElectroPhonic promises the guitar will offer “real amp tone—anytime, anywhere.”

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In addition, the Model One features onboard effects, including delay and modulation, and a gain control for overdriven tones. The built-in amp even offers both U.S. and British high-gain tones.

The entire guitar is powered by lithium-ion batteries, making the Model One truly portable.

ElectroPhonic are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Model One’s creation. A contribution of $899 will get you your very own Model One, while a $4,000 pledge will grant you a personalized Custom Shop Build with the color, pattern, finish, pickups and engraving of your choice, as well as the option of a whammy bar.

Visit the Kickstarter page and check out the video below for more information.