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May/June 2013 Guitar Aficionado: Comedy Issue with Ed Helms and Steve Martin, Plus Clapton's Crossroads Collection

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The all-new May/June 2013 issue of Guitar Aficionado is out now and is available at the Guitar Aficionado Online Store.

The Comedy Issue!

Guitar Aficionado gets together with Ed Helms, whose comically profane songs are some of the most hilarious stand-out moments in the blockbuster Hangover movie franchise. But his love of bluegrass and commitment to mastering its intricacies give him some serious musical cred.

We catch up with Steve Martin, who turned a lifelong love affair with the banjo into a blossoming musical career, and continues with his new roots-oriented bluegrass album, Love Has Come For You.

Guitar Aficionado continues with comedy by picking the guitar's 25 funniest onscreen scenes from TV and film.

We review all five guitars in the new and historic Crossroads Collection inspired by the instruments that Eric Clapton played in his celebrated career.

Our correspondent travels to Las Vegas for Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp and spends five days communing with his reawakened inner guitarist.

And much more!

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