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June 7, 1969: Blind Faith Make Thier Live Debut in London's Hyde Park

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On this date in 1969, supergroup Blind Faith, which featured Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker and Rick Grech, made their live debut at a free concert in London's Hyde Park.

Here's the short set list the short-lived band performed that lovely afternoon. Most of the songs are from the band's only album (1969's Blind Faith), but they also threw in Sam Myers' bluesy "Sleeping in the Ground," a Rolling Stones cover and a Traffic tune ("Means to an End").

01. Well All Right
02. Sea of Joy
03. Sleeping in the Ground
04. Under My Thumb
05. Can't Find My Way Home
06. Do What You Like
07. Presence of the Lord
08. Means to an End
09. Had to Cry Today

Their album cover sparked controversy because it showed a topless pubescent girl holding a silver space ship, which some people perceived as a phallic symbol. The US record company issued it with a different cover featuring a simple photo of the band.

Check out a few tunes from the show, and some amusing crowd shots, below. And note the fairly rare sight of Clapton playing a Tele with a Strat neck.