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Is This the World’s Most Advanced Guitar? | DEMO

Rob O’Reilly's Expressiv Infinity takes the idea of control to a completely other level.
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By Christopher Scapelliti

Rob O’Reilly calls his Expressiv Infinity guitar “the world's most advanced MIDI guitar system,” and he may just have a point there.

The guitar features polyphonic tracking to let you play up to six notes at once, as well as a fretboard scanner that detects notes the instant that a string touches a fret. This allows for one-handed synthesizer-like hammer-on techniques, although a pick mode is also on tap so you can play the guitar in standard fashion.

Inside, the guitar hosts a 16Mhz processor that offers minimal latency, allowing notes to be sent over MIDI in an imperceptible 100th of a second.

And while the Expressiv Infinity’s shape is eye-catching, the visual effect is even more dazzling thanks to the body’s Infinity Mirror design, which provides colorful interactive control indication.

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The upper part of the body features controls for volume, pickup selection, octave shift, tuning adjustment, infinite sustain note holds, MIDI volume, a pitch bend/modulation joystick and the fretboard scanner’s play mode. A trackpad located below the neck pickup can be mapped to control MIDI parameters for real-time tweaking.

All together, these features allow you to do everything from trigger external sounds to change parameters with a string bend, play in numerous tunings and put on a light show for your audience courtesy of the Infinity Mirror’s interactive control indication.

The Expressiv Infinity features single-coil pickups, locking tuners, a Tune-o-matic-style bridge with through-body stringing, and a balance bar for even weight distribution. It even features a convenient pick holder.

Outputs include a standard 1/4" jack, a MIDI output and USB. The guitar requires a battery, of course, which gives you six hours of playing time with the Infinity Mirror body turned off and three with it on.

The Expressiv Infinity retails for €1,499—about $1,700—and can be preordered from Rob O’Reilly Guitars’ website.

For more information, visit Rob O’Reilly Guitars and check out the videos below.