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Guitar Aficionado Now Available at the Apple Newsstand


A new digital version of Guitar Aficionado magazine is available now at the Apple Newsstand.

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Newsstand, which was launched Wednesday ahead of Apple's iOS 5 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is a new store, just like iTunes and iBooks, that allows you to buy and store media in one library—in this case, newspapers and magazines. You can buy individual issues, but if you subscribe to a title, your Newsstand library is automatically updated every time a new issue comes out.

Guitar Aficionado and several other Future US titles—including Guitar World, Legends, and Revolver—are among the titles available at the store.

A one-year subscription to Guitar Aficionado at the Apple Newsstand costs $24.99. Individual issues are also available for purchase.

“Since October 2010, we've committed 100 percent to the platform," said Mike Goldsmith, Future’s editor-in-chief, iPad and Tablet Editions. "The launch of Newsstand only makes that commitment stronger, and it's the perfect home for our wealth of trusted, special-interest magazines for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can expect more Future titles to hit Newsstand over the coming months."

For more information, including iPhone and iPad screen shots and pricing, check out Guitar Aficionado and other Future US titles at the Apple Newsstand:

Guitar Aficionado

Guitar World



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