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Five Guitars Stolen from Tom Petty's Rehearsal Space

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By Damian Fanelli

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Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers reported yesterday that five vintage guitars belonging to the band were stolen from a sound stage in Culver City, California, where they've been rehearsing for an upcoming U.S. tour.

Police in Culver City are investigating the burglary.

Petty and the band are offering a $7,500 reward -- with no questions asked -- to anyone with information leading to the recovery of the guitars.

People with information on the whereabouts of the guitars are asked to call Detective Grant at the Culver City Police Department at 310-253-6305. They also can write to -- but Petty & Co. specify that you should write only if you have actual information.

The stolen guitars include:

Tom's blonde 1967 Rickenbacker 360/12 (serial # GH 3747), pictured at left

Scott's 1967 Epiphone Sheridan (serial # to be updated ASAP)

Tom's 1965 Gibson SG TV Junior (serial # 318533)

Ron's Fender Broadcaster (serial # to be updated ASAP)

Mike's Dusenberg Mike Campbell Model (serial # to be updated ASAP)

Check out photos of all five guitars below (although the Fender Broadcaster shown is not the actual stolen guitar).

Head here for updates and more info about the guitars.

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