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Fender Custom Shop Launches “80 Proof” Blues Junior Amp

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The Fender Custom Shop has announced its new “80 Proof” Blues Junior guitar amp.

Like a 23-year aged whiskey, the venerable Fender “80 Proof” Blues Junior has only improved with age. Hand-aged in the Fender Custom Shop, this limited-edition version of the 15-watt wonder is encased in a cabinet lovingly handcrafted from reclaimed Kentucky-bourbon barrels that feature distinct stamps and markings from various source distilleries—no two are alike.

It creates a warm, smoky visual appeal certain to deliver that Fender quality craftsmanship but also a unique design aesthetic.

Full of vintage mojo and silky smooth classic Fender tone, matching hand-aged components also enhance the cabinet, crafting a highly collectible and boutique piece that is limited to only 100 units worldwide. When warmed up, the amp even exudes a whiskey aroma!

Features include:

* Limited-edition 15-watt combo
* Solid oak cabinet crafted from reclaimed whiskey barrels
* One 12” 8-ohm Jensen speaker
* Three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two EL84 power tubes
* Onboard spring reverb and FAT boost
* Optional one-button footswitch for hands-free boost
* 100 units available worldwide.

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