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Fender Auctions Unique Celebrity-Designed Strats for Charity

The joint venture with Hurley surf apparel maker will feature guitars designed by Ryan Adams and Johnny Marr.
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Hurley Fender Ryan Adams Stratocaster

Hurley Fender Ryan Adams Stratocaster

By Christopher Scapelliti

Twenty American-made, hand-painted Stratocaster guitars—including instruments designed by Ryan Adams, Johnny Marr, and Tim Armstrong—will be auctioned off to raise money for Waves for Water, a global group that provides clean water to communities in need around the world.

Titled STRAT: 60 Years of the Stratocaster, the project is a collaboration between Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Hurley, makers of surf apparel, footwear and accessories. In addition to benefiting Wave for Water, STRAT celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Fender Stratocaster as well as the shared Southern California heritage of Fender and Hurley.

Each guitar in the auction was designed by a featured artist. In addition to Ryan, Marr, and Armstrong, the list includes Shawn Stussy, Don Ed Hardy, Craig Stecyk, Christian Jacobs, Natalia Fabia, Brandon Boyd, Tommy Guerrero, Ray Barbee, Wes Humpston, Lance Mountain, Tim Biskup, Dan Smith, Albert De Alba, Russell Crotty, Tokyo Hiro, Cryptik and Thomas Campbell.

The auction will take place on eBay, via eBay Givingworks, from October 22 through November 1. One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit Waves for Water.

In addition, a charity art show will take place at Hurley’s headquarters in Orange County on October 24 to bolster the financial efforts of the project. It will be the only opportunity to see the guitars in person before they’re sold.

To learn more, see the guitars, and place a bid, visit eBay and Waves for Water.