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Brad Paisley Demos Crook Custom Red Sparkle T-Style Guitar with G-Bender

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In the video below, Biff Parsons—who looks, sounds, plays and deadpans exactly like Brad Paisley—demos the pickups and playability of his new hand-pinstriped Crook Custom Red Sparkle T-Style guitar.

As you'll see in the video, Parsons is not a Paisley fan ... at all.

Um, obviously, Parsons IS Paisley! But Paisley (or someone) even went out of his way to create a Twitter account for the Paisley-hating Parsons, and you can follow him here.

Like a lot of Paisley's guitars, this model is equipped with a McVay G-bender, which Paisley (aka Parsons) also demos in the clip.

The neck pickup is by APC Pickups; the bridge is by Voodoo Pickups/Peter Florance.

For more about Crook Custom Guitars, visit For more about Biff Parsons, follow him on Twitter.

To see this guitar in action, check out Paisley's performance of Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher" from earlier this year (bottom video).