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Animated LeAnn Rimes Music Video Features Jeff Beck's Wooden Hands and Yardbirds-Era Esquire

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Earlier this year, Jeff Beck added a rather nice guitar solo to a rocking LeAnn Rimes song, "Gasoline and Matches." The track appears on her 2013 album, Spitfire. Rimes' cover of the Julie Miller tune also features Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas on vocals.

Over the weekend, Rimes released the music video for "Gasoline and Matches," and you can watch out below. While Rimes and Thomas appear in the clip, Beck is represented by a pair of wooden hands that appear to be playing his old Yardbirds-era Fender Esquire (which is now living at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland).

A "man on the moon" version of Beck's face also appears in the clip.

To create the stop-animation-photography video, director Ian Padgham used iPhone cameras and connected more than 8,000 images.

Although we don't need to tell you this (It'll be obvious when you hear it), Beck's solo starts at 1:52 and ends with a cool descending run. Beck also plays — liberally — throughout the song's outro.

Spitfire also features appearances by Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski.