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Andy McKee “Mythmaker” Live: Exclusive Video

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We recently caught up with Andy McKee during his tour stop in Nashville.

McKee was gracious enough to take us backstage at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre for some one-on-one acoustic awesomeness.

We’ve got two live videos to share; first up is the title track from McKee’s Mythmaker EP, which he released earlier this year.

“Mythmaker” is a brainy, incredibly melodic composition McKee performs here with amazing fluidity. His tone is as magic as his touch, and it’s always fun to see that baritone Greenfield guitar up close and in action.

Mythmaker also happens to be the name of McKee’s new record label, which he’ll use to release music much more frequently than in the past, as well as music from artists he adores. "I envision the label to be a home for creative and highly unique musical artists,” he says.

Keep your eyes peeled for McKee’s first live concert Blu-ray/DVD, which he plans to release through the imprint.

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