Watch Our Demo of the Mezzabarba Custom Amplification M Zero Overdrive Amplifier

We take the Italian amp builder's 100-watt hunk of rumble for a spin.
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In this new video, GP reviews the Mezzabarba Custom Amplification M Zero Overdrive amplifier, a no-holds-barred take on high-end contemporary rock tone. Check out the clip above. 

The 100-watt M Zero Overdrive is a footswitchable, two-channel amp with a rhythm channel that boasts Drive and Volume 1 (master) controls, plus a preset Boost function, and a lead channel governed by Overdrive and Volume 2 knobs. The 3-band tone stack—Depth, Feedback, and Presence controls—are shared by both channels. 

Around back, there’s a full bevy of speaker-cab connectivity, plus a Slave Out with Level control, and send and return jacks for a tube-buffered FX loop. All of which provides a straightforward interface to the five-12AX7 preamp and four-EL34 fired engine.

With this totally handmade amplifier, Mezzabarba Custom Amplification has created a versatile, dynamic amp for the modern player. 

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