Watch Demo of Zivix JamStik Digital Guitar for iPad

JamStik controller now on sale at Apple Stores.
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We first became aware of the Zivix JamStik at this year's summer NAMM show in Nashville. The $299 product is an extremely portable "guitar-like" controller with actual strings and frets that easily connects to iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. Free apps — such as JamTutor — are available for students, and, in one of those "wow-what-has-technology-wrought?" situations, the JamStik's infrared transmitters can determine where your fingers are on the neck, and actually show you if you're at risk of playing a wrong note.

The JamStik has caught on pretty fast — at least with retailers. Apple already has it for sale in approximately 71 of its U.S. Apple Stores and will offer it online by September 9 — which is about when Amazon will begin selling the device, as well.


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