VHT i-16 Marries Apps to Tubes

VHT i-16 app/modeling amp debuts.
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The app-friendly VHT i-16 ($239 street) combines real tube tone with 21st century connectivity. It features a 12AX7 preamp tube, and a Tone-Link jack that provides access to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch modeling apps such Apple’s GarageBand, IK MultiMedia’s AmpliTube, and Positive Grid’s Bias and JamUp.

The i-16 is all-analog—all of the modeling magic occurs in the iOS device.

The amp also features PC In and Out jacks for easy access to PC-based software such as Avid’s Pro Tools, Peavey ReValver, and Native Instruments' wide range of virtual instruments.

The i-16 control panel has Volume (with a footswitchable, pull-boost feature that increases the preamp gain), Tone, and Master controls. The rear panel provides jacks for the Boost footswitch, Tone-Link, PC In and Out, Aux In, Line Out, Headphones, and Extension Speaker.

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