Update! More Than 100 Pedals for July Pedalmania Roundup!

Get a sneak preview of what the GP editors are cooking up for the annual stompbox roundup in the July 2014 issue.
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Yeah. We're crazy. Every year, the Guitar Player editors drive themselves insane reviewing a massive number of new and cool effects pedals.

Last year, we did 60 reviews, and it almost killed us.

But, in a tragic example of "How Soon They Forget," those same editors are looking to acquire and evaluate up to 100 pedals or more in one single issue for the July 2014 GP

Want a little preview?

Well, don't hold us to an exact number—or even the exact pedals listed here—as things can change drastically during the review process, but the following boxes are what we are currently evaluating.

Did we miss one of YOUR favorite new pedals for this year? List it in the Comments Section, and we will try to seek it out. Now, please excuse us, as we've got to get back to assessing the sonic awesomeness (or lack thereof) of all these crazy stompboxes...


Abominable Electronics DSOM
Abominable Electronics Hail Satan
Amptweaker Big Rock Pro
Amzel Electronics Cheshire Cat
Analog Alien Rumble Seat
Black Cat OD-Boost
Black Cat Vibe
Black Cat Wee Buzz
Blackstar Dual
Blackstar LT Drive
Catalinbread Karma Suture
Catalinbread Topanga
Diamond Quantum Leap
Diamond Fireburst
Diamond Blaze
Diamond Marquis Boost
Diamond Tremolo
Diamond Cornerstone
Diamond Halo
Diamond Compressor
DLS Versa Vibe
DLS Reckless Drive
Dreadbox Square Tides
Dunlop Echoplex Preamp
Earthquaker Pitch Bay

Earthquaker Terminal
Electro-Harmonix Soul Food
Electro-Harmonix East River Drive
Electro-Harmonix OD Glove
Electro-Harmonix Torsion
Ernie Ball Most Valuable Pedal
Eventide H9

Hotone Chunk
Hotone Liftup
Hotone Choir
Hotone Komp
Hotone Eko
Hotone Trem
Hotone Grass
Hotone Whip
Hotone Blues
Hotone Wally
Hotone Fury Fuzz
Hudson Full Range Bomb
Hudson Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz
Hudson Gospel Bomb
Hudson Soul Bomb
Hudson Stroll On
Hudson White Heat
IPS Theta Preamp
Janglebox J Gate
JHS SuperBolt
Korg NuVibe
Majik Box Bi-Polar Fuzz
Majik Box Doug A Rocket Fuel
Majik Box Filthy Lucre
Mesa/Boogie Five-Band Graphic
Mesa/Boogie Flux-Drive
Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box
Morley Accu-Tuner
MXR Echoplex Preamp
MXR Phase 99
MXR Micro Amp+
MXR FET Driver
MXR Uni-Vibe
MXR La Machine
Pigtronix Compressor
Pigtronix Gate Keeper
Providence Red Rock OD
Radial Elevator
Red Witch Synatron
Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail
Smallsoundbigsound F**k Overdrive
Smallsoundbigsound Team Awesome Fuzz machine
Smallsoundbigsound Buzz
Smallsoundbigsound Mini Fuzzy
Source Audio OFD
Stone Deaf Blonde
Stone Deaf Fig Fumb
Stone Deaf PDF-1
Strymon Big Sky
Tapestry Audio Time Traveler
Tech 21 Hot Rod Plexi
Visual Sound H2o
Walrus Deep Six
Walrus Iron Horse
WalrusTrem Fuzz
Z.Vex Sonar