Two Unique Musical Gift Ideas for Guitarists

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Sometimes, old-school marketing—like a sandwich board plopped down on a Palm Springs street—can be as effective as Facebook or Twitter. That’s how I discovered composer Jeff Kingfisher and his Philomuse store while on vacation. I bumped into his sign. Even better, I discovered two unique gift ideas for anyone looking to give a musician something more thrilling than another set of strings, picks, or cables in their stockings. Both of these gifts—developed by Kingfisher— can jumpstart inspiration by introducing elements of chance into the compositional process. Musician’s Dice ($18) promote randomness in creation by rolling the die and having the player craft musical ideas with the outcome. Want something more challenging? Consider Muzundrum ($39)—a crossword or Scrabbletype game that challenges players to interlace and complete scales and triads with the dice and a game board. It’s a great way to test your music-theory chops, and perhaps even embarrass the “know-it-all” in your band.