This Guitar Was Crafted from 800 Pieces of Paper

The creatively-built guitar weighs in at 10 pounds.
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Burls Art - he of the Mega jawbreaker Flying Vcolored pencil Strat and river guitar - is back with yet another amazing build.

This time, the YouTube luthier has created a guitar from - of all things - 800 pieces of paper. 

Though Burls Art ran into issues with the pickup routing and the positioning of the bridge, he was able to navigate these with more epoxy resin and - in the case of the latter - a red Sharpie. You can see how he put together the entire build in the video above.

“I’m pretty psyched with how it came out,” Burls Art said. “I’ll probably spend a good amount of time over the next few weeks just staring at it.”

For more of Burls Art's wacky builds, head over to his YouTube channel.