The Guitar Drum Puts Percussion at Your Fingertips | VIDEO

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Check out this clip of guitarist Lenny Hatch demoing his creation, the Guitar Drum.

The Guitar Drum gives players an elevated pad for playing drum sounds. Depending on how you strike it, Guitar Drum can make bass drum and snare sounds, and it can serve as a scratch plate.

Hatch created the Guitar Drum when he needed a cajón—a wooden drum—but he didn't have one. He was also getting into percussive guitar playing and he thought it would be more convenient to have something on his guitar that could create a similar sound.

When he found that no one made a guitar-mounted cajón, he set out to make one for himself.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

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The Guitar Drum is detachable, comes in right- and left-handed versions, and is offered in a selection of exotic woods.

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